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Related article: 900.] ABOUT THE TURF IN I9OO. 421 nethods do not quite accord with >ur accepted notions of form and tyle. Thus it has taken us three rears to come to understand the >atent fact that to remove the veight as much as possible off the »mall of a horse's back causes it to tell less on his speed, and more •yn his powers of endurance, and :hat it consequently improves his :orm and upsets the efforts of the landicapper to the extent of about 5 lbs. to 7 lbs. Until this year we have made light of this ALmerican invasion, and now it iias threatened to overwhelm us and our jockeys altogether. I venture to still adhere to the opinion that it is nonsense to de- clare that our jockeys are inferior to their invaders, or that our trainers can no longer turn out apprentices equal to competing with the new-comers, such as little Johnny Rieff, the fact being that our trainers, converts to the new style, have neglected their duty to their apprentices, or rather, I should say, the exigencies of our present racing make it next to impossible for a trainer to de- vote sufficient attention to his boys, because with so many days in every week devoted to racing, his home days are much curtailed, and so are his hours on the Downs, besides which his style of living has altered ; he is more luxurious, and less in touch with his boys than of yore, and so it comes that unless a lad is related to the trainer, or has some special interest in Order Hydroxyurea his favour, his chances of being taught, and having a -chance given him in public are very small indeed. It is some years ago since I told in your pages the story of how Constable became a jockey, and therefore I will not repeat it j Buy Hydroxyurea Online it is, however, a fact that in all probability he would never have ridden in a xace had it not been for me, as I insisted, when only weighing 4st. 7lbs., on his being put upon a three-year-old filly I then had in training at Epsom called Marplot, in preference to a boy named Hardy, that old William Reeve declared was the stronger and better boy. My ideas were in favour of hands and judgment, and they proved correct, much to Reeve's chagrin. In the interest of our home-grown boys I should rejoice to see some wholesome reform, which would have the effect of making more accom- plished horsemen and fewer strap- pers and loafers. For is it not these latter disappointed ones that endeavour to retrieve their for- tunes by revealing stable secrets and touting for their paying friends ? Well, as we have seen before, success has brought in its train a further invasion from Yankeeland — to profit by the proficiency of their betters. But is this a new thing? Have we not seen the same before in the Archer Purchase Hydroxyurea era? And in the jockey's ring ? And is it not a Purchase Hydroxyurea Online likely thing under the circumstances that this should happen, especially when the Turf is, more than ever has been the case, in Buy Hydroxyurea the hands of the wealthy men ? To me, a humble out- sider, yet none the less a keen observer of men and things, it appears that the present effect of the American invasion is one to be naturally expected. Yet what do we see ? A sudden ebullition of indignation by one of our leading men of the Jockey Club, hurling broadcast assertions that the Turf was never in such a condition of rottenness as now. And the sporting press, that had hitherto been singularly silent on the subject, is now echoing the outcry. Granted that we do not enjoy seeing the spoils so constantly going across the 412 BAILYS MAGAZINE. [DEC£MBU His noisy flounce shall nevermore affright The ousel, in the hush of summer night — So steal the days away, till Autumn sere Chants in chill winds the requiem of the Buy Cheap Hydroxyurea year, Sung to the mournful tinkling of the leaves, And all the earth is brown ; poor wight who grieves ! Brown is the hue of sport, brown rod and gun, And oh the brown hillside at set of sun Glows the warm glory of the dying heather. Where nestle safe brown fur and russet feather — Still by the river, gliding smooth and slack. Where the fat grayling shows his violet back. And steel-blue scented sides, as up he flies, (Cunning the skill that blinds those lozenge eyes) I pace the shortening day. But hark, a sound ! The gossamer wreathes trembling to the ground. Its flight arrested, now no more to ply, When o'er the marsh has wailed the snipe's first cry. Hast heard it, trusty gun, from where you gaze, Dumb, from your sentry box of dark green baize, Idle too long ? What hopes and memories pour Around us, as I grasp thy hand once more ! Rough days on moor, wild nights by lonesome mere. Long strings of hurrying fowl, in storm career, Flitting like shades athwart the scud-swept moon ; Then, rising weird amid the tempest's tune. The far off calling of the lone curlew — Awake my silent friend ; old rod, adieu ! I thank ye, brothers both, who chase the fear And wild regrets that haunt each passing year. SCOLOPAX. Notes of a Yachting Cruise by a Landsman II. We had a very pleasant, if un- eventful, passage to Plymouth. Order Hydroxyurea Online No exciting adventures befel us, for apparently there were no pirates about to capture us or desert islands to be cast upon. Hence all went smoothly, includ- ing the sea, and we entered the Sound about 8.30 a.m., and were soon at anchor just off Drake's island. Very shortly afterwards, we were hailed by a party in a boat, whose spokesman was